General Civil Law

In the United States, there are two basic divisions of law, criminal and civil. General Civil Law also called Common or Case Law is an area of law determined by judicial decisions, previous cases, court rulings or administrative legal findings. Generally Civil Law involves interaction between groups or individuals in regards to conduct that is not punishable by the government. Lawsuits between people or organizations fall under civil law and include debts, property, contracts, personal injury and more.


At The Law Offices of Thomas L. Stringer we practice a broad range of civil law. Litigation can seem to be overwhelming with no real answer in sight. Regardless of the situation you need an advocate who will be on your side, honest and work hard to ensure you prepared to win.

We take the time to truly understand our clients' legal needs and goals, and always look for best way to produce the results they want. Sometimes this means proceeding outside the courtroom, and if so we will. When going to court is the best or only option for your civil problem, you can be ensured that we have the experience and knowledge to fully support you.

If you feel that you were financially damaged by someone else's actions and would like compensation the Law Offices of Thomas L. Stringer is here to help. For over 40 years we have served individuals and businesses in Michigan who have suffered financial injury by pursuing any kind of civil litigation, including:

  • Defending Michigan Farmers under The Right to Farm Act
  • Contract Interpretations and Drafting

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